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Dirk Wiggins

Dirk Wiggins - Campaign LEadership Institute

Dirk Wiggins has been at the forefront of every technological and data innovation of the Democratic Party and its progressive allies for 20 years. Trained as an engineer, Dirk spent several years honing his skills at Los Alamos labs, and a startup tech company in Arizona. In 2002, Dirk brought his technological acumen to the Democratic Party. In a short time Dirk helped take the modeling industry from a cumbersome $250k product line into a technology that every campaign could use.


Since then Dirk has worked on a number of software platforms that allow campaigns both big and small to use models in an efficient and meaningful way. Dirk now serves as the President of Code for Progress, a nonprofit that trains underrepresented groups in software coding, and Echo19, a company that specializes in cutting edge voter outreach technology.

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