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Megan Brown

Megan Brown is an experienced veteran of federal, state and independent expenditure campaigns. She has worked on winning campaigns and initiatives in over a dozen states. She brings significant expertise in strategy development, targeted voter contact programs and organization building.


Megan is currently a Principal at Precision Strategies where she works with foundations and organizations to solve problems that face working men and women from across the country.  From 2012 - 2015 she was the Field Director at the United Auto Workers responsible for leading political activities for the union. In this role she had the lead for political programing and communication training. Over Megan’s direction, the membership became more engaged with the political process.

Megan Brown - Campaign Leadership institute

Megan began her career working with New Jersey municipal candidates and stakeholders developing targeted field efforts. She implemented critical programs for Governor Corzine’s 2005 election and developed and managed a massive statewide voter registration and mobilization program for the 2006 election. She executed a program targeting presidential surge voters in 2008 for the DCCC. In 2007, she directed the Kentucky Coordinated Campaign for Governor Beshear’s historic win.


In 2004, Megan worked on the team which developed voter registration and mobilizing programs in Missouri, Florida and Oregon for America Coming Together. Megan has a BA in Classics and History from Georgetown University.

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